Thursday, 12 April 2018

Report about wolves by Matheus


Learning intention: wolves are my choice of an mammal because they are members of the dog family

Wolves are members of the dog family. Wolves can get in groups and be a pack.

Wolves are gray, black, and other color skins, wolves have for legs and no arms. And eat meat with their sharp teeth that’s 1 inch.

Wolves are found in Yellowstone and Antarctica and other snowy and cold places

Wolves like to eat bison, deer, moose, bears, and their own kind. Wolves can kill humans if they think they are in harm.

Wolves are very aggressive, with their sharp teeth and claws. Wolves hunt in packs and the week  goes in front and the alpha goes at the back so that the weak ones can do a little bit of damage and the alpha’s can do more damage.

How wolves are different from humans:
Wolves live in the snow because they have fur to keep them warm. Wolves are called alpha’s, timber wolves, gray wolves and black wolves. Wolves travel in packs and includes the mother and father. Wolves are carnivores that means they eat meat, unlike humans wolves only eat meat not fruit, and they are not vegetarian.


By Matheus

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

report about wild dogs

                     Wild dogs

Learning intention: write in animal in choice of my report.

Introduction: Wild Dogs are members of the dog family (Lycaon pictus). They are native to Africa.

Appearance: Wild dogs have sharp teeth and claws. Wild dogs can weigh up to 40 and 80 pounds. Wild dogs hunt in packs and they always work together.
Habitat: Wild dogs live in Africa in the savanna and the woodland.
Diet: Wild dogs like to eat wildebeest, antelopes, impala, greater kudu, springbok, thomson's gazelles.
Behavior: Wild dogs pups are scared of the in entire pack.
How are wild dogs different to humans: Wild dogs has 4 legs and big ears. Wild dogs live in packs like wolves. They can run up to 35 miles.   Image result for wild dogs


By Matheus