Monday, 23 September 2019

Treasure book

Flames are everywhere, the smoke is covering the sun and making it dark. Buildings being destroyed turning to ashes. Shelves falling down, books being burned. The library became dark, you could barely stand there or you might sink into the ashes, the dust going everywhere you step. 

Peter and his father and the villages left the village, the only thing they saw when they look back is their burnt houses, libraries, parks, church.
Peter and his father left the village with the others. It was dark and the village was still covered with smoke. The moon was nowhere to be seen. Everyone was covered with dust, people were coughing, coughing and coughing, non stop. Peter could only see behind where was his burnt village was. 

Peter and his father do not know where his mother and wife is. They were afraid that she may have died or the soldiers have captured her.
They were forced to leave, smoke floating in the air. They continued on with their journey. Peter kept on imaging his mum walking beside him, but when he opens his eyes she's gone. He feels sad when she disappears.

The villagers are in the forest and Peters father is sick. There are no doctors so he can not be healed. They could see no buildings or roads, they could only see trees and can only smell the cold winter air. Peter hugged his Father tight to keep him warm. The next day Peters dad is dead.

The villagers buried dad. Peter and the villagers have left. The villagers told him to leave his suitcase behind. He couldn't carry everything so he decided to only take the box. It is too special to leave behind. He couldn’t carry it because it was to heavy. So Peter dug a hole to put the treasure box under the linden tree to keep it safe so the next time he looks for it, he will know where it is.

Many years later, Peter returned to the village and saw a little girl playing under the linden tree. He asked the girl to help him ding up a hole, girl helped find treasure. Sat under a tree and read to girl. The little girl disappointed, she fought it would have gold, diamonds, jewels. She said “what is this, its not gold, diamonds or jewels”. Peter said “it's the story of our people, it is more splendid than gold, diamonds and jewels”.

Peter leaves the girl and visits his dad’s grave which is now a garden on the edge village. He sits by the grave and reads to his dad from the treasured book. Peter continues on to his old village and puts the book back on the shelf in the library where it belongs. 

Seed Banks

This is a life cycle of a seed. 
The story I read was about seed banks. Seed banks are places in which seeds are looked after for the future. The seeds are kept cool and dry and they are replaced regularly. Seed banks can be found all around the world. Some store seeds of essential food crops, such as beans, wheat and rice. Other seed banks are for wild wild or native plants. 

Sunday, 8 September 2019