Thursday, 14 February 2019


How can we fight pinworms?

You should wash your hands frequently to get rid of pinworm eggs and other germs that give you diseases.

Germs can go inside of your mouth, nose, and parts of your body when you have dirty hands. Germs can spread by coughing, rubbing the eyes and sneezing on your hands. They can be transferred to cousins, brothers, sisters, and other family members which can get them sick. You can get germs everywhere you can get germs from school, work, your friends house and the gym. Washing your hands when you get home and before you eat will get rid of the germs.

You can get pinworms eggs from your pet or friend. Pinworm eggs can stay on your hands and be transferred to other people. When pinworms enter your body they can hatch and the worms lay more eggs. Pinworms can make you feel tired, sick and you can even lose weight. By washing your hands you can get rid of pinworm eggs.

Its is very important to wash your hands so that the pinworm eggs and other germs don’t invade our body. 

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Monday, 4 February 2019

Euphrasie Barbier

Euphrasie Barbier was  a NZ Roman Catholic nun. She was born in 1829.
When she was 13 she washed other peoples clothes as her job.
At 17 she opened her own business which was a laundry out of her home.
One day Euphrasie barbier heard a bishop preach about his experiences in other very
poor countries.
She decided to travel around the world to help marginalized people in poor countries.
Euphrasie Barbier arrived in NZ in 1872 and joined the Mission sisters.
Soon after Euphrasie Barbier started teaching European children a moari girls.
Euphrasie Barbier passed away in 1893 leaving behind many schools she had opened
and communities she had supported.

Euphrasie Barbier was a kind, and generous person who was faithful to God and her
community. She confidently taught both woman and children who lived in poor
countries, Euphrasie love and kindness sent her all over the world to help marginalized

To be like Euphrasie Barbier,  I could be caring to others. I could share my ideas to
the world by Blogging about being determined and courageous just like our Mother
Mary Heart of Jesus, Euphrasie Barbier.
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