Thursday, 24 October 2019

A Happy Family

A Happy Family
Being part of a happy, joyful and honest family, they make me feel safe and
comfortable. In my family kindness is very important, you have to be kind to

Trustworthiness is very important in my family. My sisters and I
always trust each other because we always keep our promises to each other.
And the same thing happens with my mum and dad but they
are divorced. I am ok with that as I still trust them both. We always
talk about trust at times like when we are sad or mad. My mum and
dad always talk about trusting each other.

In my family loyalty is important. My family always talks about it to me
and my sister  because sometimes we are not loyal and we get in trouble.
Mostly everyone is loyal to each other.

Honesty is very important. We are always honest with our parents,
and everyone in our family. Honesty is one of the most important things
in our family. We have to be honest to everyone and never lie to anyone. 

My family is kind and loyal and truthly that's what I ever wanted.

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