Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Euphrasie Barbier

Euphrasire Barbier, born in 4-1-1829 and died in 1893. She was a brave woman who started the Mission Sisters in 1861. 

Euphrasie Barbier worked in a laundry when she was 13 and had her own laundry at her home by 17. 

Eupharsie Barbier and the Mission Sister First community started in New Zealand. In New Zealand Euphraise Barbier and 2 other sisters arrived in Pukekohe and built a school. They taught in a parish school and cared for orphans.    

Qualities the reflect Euphrasie Barbier’s: helpful, determined, inspiring, ambitious, confident, caring, thoughtful, successful, brave, honest, patient, faithful, influencer, leader, hopeful, courageous, courageous, generous, teacher, graceful, grateful, peacemaker, passionate, trustworthy, humble, empathetic.  

I can be like Euphrasie by helping people when they are in need of help. 


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